Nick B.

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Nick Baker co-founded Testbed in 1992. It was named after the first series the company made, “Testing Times”, which involved a party thrown for sexing parrots, among other things. The producer was the other co-founder, Viv Black.

Nick’s a broadcaster and writer as well as a producer, and he’s been behind many of the successful series made by Testbed over the years. These have included phone-ins, a quiz and many documentaries and features. In 2010 he went round the world linking stories he found in internet cafes for a BBC World Service series, for a taster of the programmes and Nick’s blog  go here. He’s worked on other programs on a huge range of subject matter. Community service for convicted criminals, clapping, the Millennium Bug, whether Jews can be secular, the word “Hallo”, and a forgotten Muslim Chinese hero, Zheng He.

And he invented the ever popular Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry, now in its eighth series.

Nick’s latest book is Groovy Old Men.

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