Testbed Productions makes BBC radio programmes, spoken word products, downloads and online audio of all kinds. We’ve been doing this for 22 years, and in that time we’ve made documentaries, features, letters programmes, quizzes, comedy, children’s listening, conversation and debate programmes, music programmes and a huge diversity of podcasts. This three and a half  minute hallo-themed audio is a taster of productions past

Clips:  Stephen Fry, from Fry’s English Delight (now in its 8th series); Dr Phill Hammond introducing the Music Group on Radio 4; Danny Wallace says Hallo from Archive on Four – Speaking as a Member of the Public – the history of the Vox Pop; The Which? podcast cars team try out an electric car, but the heater is hungry for power; Grace Dent rues her own name in State of Grace on Radio 4; Barbara Windsor remembers being auditioned by Joan Littlewood in The Gospel According to Joan on Radio 3;   Miscellanist Ben Schott on the Art of the Menu (Radio 4) Horrible Histories  (ten editions on CD and download); Internet Café Hobo (BBC World Service) a bold project to link internet cafes round the globe; The Ukulele Podcast of Great Britain; Charlotte Green closes a recent Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry

Testbed’s distinguishing feature is that we enjoy doing what we do, and that enjoyment often seems to find its way into programmes  We hope you’ll enjoy listening and reading on.

Whether you’re here to see what we’re up to at the moment, what we’re planning for the future, to find details of a past programme or to find out more about how podcasting and online audio can help you, a warm welcome.

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