nickb picNick Baker   has been lent out to present two programmes:  Saturday 8th July 2016 10.30 am for Whistledown  Productions/ BBC Radio 4 Viz – an Unfeasibly Big Success to mark the 37th anniversary of  Viz,  known for its Top Tips and bottom-obsessed comic book humour.  Also Saturday 25th June 2016 9am and on iplayer:   Larry Adler, All Mouth Organ BBC  Manchester for Radio 4 Extra –  a 3 hour showcase  about the life and music of a harmonica giant, featuring Philip Achille, his musical heir.  Take 5 and listen


big choccyFry’s English Delight:  another series of Stephen Fry’s ever popular interrogation of this Lish we call Eng, coming later in the year. All 33 programmes are available here: Emotional trail below:


frame2Inconspicuous Consumption: another series of the programmes that look at culture and how it’s really consumed, away from the world of the new, the PR driven and the obvious, coming later in the year


nasheThomas Nashe project:   Testbed is proud to be supplying bespoke audio for the  University of Newcastle’s Thomas Nashe Project.  Nashe was  University Wit and possibly a Shakespeare collaborator,  also a pornographer and provocative pamphleteer at a time when the term ‘professional writer’ was unheard of.