Two shiny and unusual programmes in production for BBC Network Radio.

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Next Stop Mariachi Plaza for BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 ,  a serenade to mariachi, told through the songs and stories of the musicians who live in The Boyle Hotel in Los Angeles. Once this was a run-down district in which musicians called the tune. The hotel housed hundreds of musicians, six to a room. Along the strip businesses sprang up to cater to mariachi; fancy tailors, shoe shines, music stores, boots and buttons and hats.  Now gentrification threatens change. Presenter Evangeline Ortaz.

Copyright © Hans Staartjes 2003
Copyright © Hans Staartjes 2003

Tiny Tinkles For BBC Radio 4 Presenter Rainer Hersch:  Some of the very first acoustic musical sounds we hear and make are those on toy instruments that ‘tinkle’.  Especially tiny pianos.  How and why are these kind of sounds so evocative?    And can music on tiny tinklers be played seriously? Tiny pianos sound tiny.   We hear them in our minds’ ear and see them in the mind’s eye as tiny.  This is mini-synaesthesia.  Some sonic materials  can sound ‘pure’ – which is why the concert metal glockenspiel’s double resonance (childhood, purity) makes you think of angels, cherubs or elves


Fry’s English Delight Series 8

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