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Working Class Heroes and Poverty Porn

Something to be?
Something to be?

Stuart Maconie tries to link the working class heroes in the books, theatre and movies of the fifties and sixties  with the  lives of those portrayed in what seems to be a new genre of television – ‘Poverty Porn’.  He’s helped by actor and writer Maxine Peake, who has played a prince (Hamlet) and a pauper (Veronica in Shameless);  Matthew Sweet, cultural historian and Peter Flannery, creator of Our Friends in the North.   Mainly made in the North.

Scenes From Student Life

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Ten part series, each programme depicting a scene from student life, starting in the 14th century and ending now.  Presented by recent graduate Ellie Cawthorne (above).  For more info go here

Fry’s English Delight Series 8

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All 33 programmes are available here:  Emotional trailer: