Inconspicuous Consumption  the series which takes a personal look at the kinds of cultural consumption people usually take for granted, starts BBC Radio 4 19th January 2017,  1130am

Eating and Watching.  Peter Curran investigates the century old link between munching and movies.  The humble lettuce helps tell the story

Listening and Driving.  26th January 2017 1130am  Laura Barton explores a common cultural experience that people take for granted – the music  we choose  when we’re in the car

Clockface  2nd February 2017 1130am   Why has the old fashioned clockface survived?  Comedian and presenter Aatif Nawaz – aka The Naked Wrist –  assesses an ancient  interface measuring something valuable yet intangible – time.  He’s helped by Suzanne Wong of Revolution magazine


We’re delighted to announce the birth of our new babies, The Mumsnet Babies Podcast, produced in association with Fairy Non Bio and presented by Fi Glover.  Cheerful and supportive advice and fun chat from Mumsnetters not afraid to tell the truth about babies’ food, sleep, health and keeping them clean and smiley.  And what happens to mums’ relationships with dads. Another five in January 2017.  Also on itunes


big choccyFry’s English Delight:  new series of Stephen Fry’s ever popular interrogation of this Lish we call Eng, coming soon. All 33  are available here:


nasheThomas Nashe project:   Testbed is proud to be supplying bespoke audio for the  University of Newcastle’s Thomas Nashe Project.  Nashe was  University Wit and possibly a Shakespeare collaborator,  also a pornographer and provocative pamphleteer at a time when the term ‘professional writer’ was unheard of.