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Father’s Day  BBC  Radio 4 Archive on 4, June 17th

Comedian, author, activist and father Mark Thomas  has some trenchant Father’s Day wishes for fathers and their families, nuclear and otherwise, to mark this special day in the calendar

The Driver and the Dictator.  BBC World Service,  The Documentary June  2017

February 1958, Havana, Cuba. The Driver – Juan Manuel Fangio – was a world famous star of Formula 1 racing.  Legend had it he had an affair with Eva Perron.  The Dictator – Fulgencia Batista –  faced an unstoppable revolution.  A  true story of sabotage, intrigue, speed, death and forgiveness which shocked the world and is now forgotten, except by Stirling Moss, who was in on the action.    The perpetrators themselves talk about their daring exploits  nearly sixty years ago to presenter Arnaldo Hernandez Diaz.  Recorded on location in Cuba.  who have done i

Bespoke audio/podcasts for the  University of Newcastle’s Thomas Nashe Project. t, doctors and employers.

Nashe – University Wit and possibly  Shakespeare collaborator,  a pornographer and provocative pamphleteer when the term ‘professional writer’ was unheard of.  This project aims to put him back on the timeline of literary history