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Driven   –    Archive on 4 BBC Radio 4  

The Driverless Car will soon be commonplace.  We will be driven from the driver’s seat by new technology.  In this Archive on 4, confirmed motorist Peter Curran looks at the last eighty years of  car culture, the cult of ownership and life in the driving seat.  Soon it will be time to hang up the driving gloves and make way for a safer greener vehicle that comes when you call it, takes you to your destination then goes away again.  More of a taxi, really, not something you’ll own.  But the car has driven itself deep into popular culture,  so how easy will it be to let go of the steering wheel?

Bespoke audio/podcasts for the  University of Newcastle’s Thomas Nashe Project. t, doctors and employers.

Nashe – University Wit and possibly  Shakespeare collaborator,  a pornographer and provocative pamphleteer when the term ‘professional writer’ was unheard of.  This project aims to put him back on the timeline of literary history