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Fry’s English Delight Series 8

Starts BBC Radio 4 11th August BBC Radio 4 9am

First in this series, Words Fail Me.  Or rather Stephen.  Can we ever match how we feel with how we express it?  Stephen asks John Lydon, formerly Rotten, about emotional language, and gets an emotional response.  Here, Stephen reacts truthfully to the need to record a trail….

…in later programmes he  discusses how we talk about the weather, lifts the curtain on some  secret language and explores bilingualism.  Well no, actually, he doesn’t.  People are always ‘exploring’ things on the radio.  Bloomin’  overused metaphor.

Big talent
Big talent   Courtesy of Scottee inc. Photo credit: Holly Revell

My Big Fat Documentary

June 2015

When performer and artist, Scottee, decided to invent a fat pride talent show and beauty pageant, he wanted to find the most successful, beautiful, glorious fat person ever. And he wanted to celebrate  people he was sick of hearing described as sad, lazy and a drain on the NHS.  So he created Hamburger Queen.  His investigation leads him and us to reconsider attitudes to fat.  Is the world ready for Scottee’s personal brand of fat activism? You be the judge.

‘Scottee was worth his weight in gold on an excellent documentary’  Miranda Sawyer, Observer.   

‘There’s no clear winner in the debate around fat and health, but that doesn’t make the beliefs voiced here any less powerful’  Hanna Verdier, Guardian